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Working groups:
Technical Committee of the Sector Wide Approach

The Technical Committee of the SWAp is chaired by the Chief Medical Officer of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and is the main forum for Government, Development Partners and Civil Society to discuss technical issues within the health sector. The Technical Committee represents all those signing the Code of Conduct for the SWAp and serves as a joint monitoring body of the goals and activities of the health sector as outlined in the Health Sector Strategic Plan II, Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Comprehensive Council Health Plans. The Technical Committee has an advisory role; it deliberates on technical issues; makes proposals or recommendations to the SWAP Committee meetings on what actions need to be taken to address issues of health service delivery; advises the sector on how to carry out implementation; and gets information from Ministry departments that need technical review before being submitted to the SWAp Committee

Technical Working Groups

Tanzania is facing serious Human Resources for Health (HRH) crises. Serious HRH shortfalls and challenges have been identified and highlighted at the Annual Joint Reviews of the health sector since 2002 up to 2007. The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MOHSW) in 2004 responded by establishing a working group. The working group is expected to support the government of Tanzania and to coordinate HRH issues and provide advice to the MOHSW. The members were formally appointed in 2004 by the MOH, and charged with addressing the Human Resource issue.

Joint Annual Health Sector Review

The focus of the 2009 review was on translating the Health Sector Strategic Plan III at district level and beyond. In order to support the process, a desk study has been commissioned.

The Review consists of three parts, as outlined in the terms of reference.