Energy and minerals

Working groups:

Energy and Minerals Working Group

Formed in 2009 with the aim of supporting the Joint Assistance Strategy for Tanzania (JAST) under the National Development Framework; the Energy DPG (EDPG) is a key communication and facilitation unit for coordinating activities of Development Partners (DPs) involved in Tanzania’s energy sector — ToRs for Energy DPG. To date, EDPG’s capacity has expanded with more DPs supporting diverse energy and minerals sector projects, from rural electrification and renewable energy to capacity-building initiatives in the petroleum and natural gas subsectors under the Ministry of Energy (MoE), which is the main Government of Tanzania counterpart for EDPG.

The Energy Development Partners Group (EDPG) is comprised of bilateral and multilateral agencies with a strong interest in engaging in policy dialogue with the Government of Tanzania’s energy and extractives sector.

Active DPs:
The EDPG comprises 17 bilateral and 5 multilateral development agencies, these are AFD, AfDB, High Commission of Canada, EU, Germany Embassy, GIZ, Japan Embassy, JICA, Embassy of Netherlands, Embassy of Norway, SIDA/Swedish Embassy, Embassy of Russia, UK-DFID, US Embassy, USAID., UNCDF, UNDP, UNIDO, IFC, KfW, Korea Exim Bank and World Bank.

Energy and Minerals Sector Participation
EDPG supports on-going and planned work under the Ministry of Energy and Minierals (MEM), in addition to facilitating key energy and minerals sector developments and research studies.

Joint Energy Sector Review
The Joint Energy Sector Review (JESR) is an important process for coordinating, planning and financing energy sector projects. Each year MEM partners with EDPG (ToRs for JESWG) and facilitates the JESR study and presentation workshop where various DPs, civil society organizations, private sector representatives, GoT agencies and other energy stakeholders are invited to engage on key policy issues and examine the progress and outlook of the energy sector.

Budget Support
EDPG in consultation with MEM utilizes the Budget Support (BS) instrument to make recommendations to the Minister of Finance on relevant energy sector targets and indicators, which feed into the overall Performance Assessment Framework (PAF).

National Electrification Program Prospectus
Led by the Rural Energy Agency (REA) with support from EDPG, the National Electrification Program Prospectus (Annexes) is a financial planning strategy used for identifying priority electrification investments, along with the regulatory framework, capacity building and timeline necessary for program implementation.

Sector Reform and Roadmap
MEM with support from DPs has taken steps to address the growing demand for electricity in the country by improving the performance and efficiency in the sector, which is needed to enable socio-economic transformation in the country. Through a consultative process, EDPG is supporting MEM to implement a sector reform strategy and roadmap. This exercise has involved several joint DP-MEM dialogues, a stakeholder discussion with the consulting team, and the drafting and presenting process. The process started more generally and focused on power reforms, then evolved to focus on specific issues in the provision of electricity services. The plan, Electricity Supply Industry Reform Strategy & Roadmap is a guiding tool for reforming both the sector as a whole and within individual institutions starting with the Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) Turnaround and financial stabilization.

Capacity Building Missions
EDPG supports a wide range of capacity building initiatives in the sector, from institutional support to the ministry and various sector agencies and the sector regulator Energy and Water Utilities  Regulatory Authority (EWURA), to technical assistance through support for transaction advisers to streamline project financing.

EDPG supports the coordination and integration of capacity development missions from various Development Partners, through dialogue with the Government of Tanzania (GoT), consulting technical experts and relevant public and private sectors stakeholders. For example, EDPG actively participates in capacity-building missions to observe and support the GoT ongoing key projects in the sector such as the Kinyerezi Gas to Power Plants Construction under TANESCO, and Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Development under Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC)

Contact information:

Mr. Yoshida Hayakazu 

Mr.  Abbas Kitogo