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About Science, Technology and Innovation Working Group

The Science, Technology and Innovation working group is a group of 26 bilateral and multilateral agencies working to support the development of science, technology, digitization and innovation and entrepreneurship in Tanzania. The Commission for Science and Technology is the group’s designated government partner. The DPG STI has been established to promote coherence, synergy and consistency in development initiatives in this sector through coordination of Development Partner’s support, regular policy dialogue, and continuous engagement with key stakeholders in the ecosystem. In particular, the group works to:

  1. Improve the coordination of Development Partner programmes that support science, technology and innovation in Tanzania (including closer collaboration in the planning and design of new projects to capture synergies).
  2. Share lessons learnt from studies, reviews and impact assessments conducted in Tanzania and, where relevant, further afield.
  3. Conduct analytical work, when relevant jointly, to inform the development of the national innovation system and national policy development.
  4. Act as a reliable dialogue partner to the Governmentwhere appropriate developing a coherent Development Partner view on critical issues arising in science, technology and innovation.
  5. Improve the alignment of Development Partner strategies and programmes with those of the Government of Tanzania to better support the achievement of National Development strategies.
  6. Monitor the implementation and evaluate the impact of GoT programmes whose goals are to support science and innovation, and boost the use of technology in Tanzania through participation in joint reviews, institutional/field visits, and dialogue with government partners, civil society and the private sector.

Membership is open to all bilateral and multilateral development partners that work towards supporting science, technology and innovation in Tanzania.

Embassy of Denmark
British High Commission (FCDO)
Edtech Hub
Embassy of Ireland
Embassy of Netherlands
French Embassy
Japanese Embassy (JICA)
Korea Internet and Security Agency
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Segal Family Foundation
Swiss Embassy
Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency
UN Women
World Bank
World Food Program
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Germain Mirindi, UNICEF

Jamie Proctor, British High Commission

Alexa Haden, UNDP

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