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About Public Finance and National Planning Working Group

The PFNP DPG is dealing with Public Finance Management (PFNP). It is a subgroup under Cluster working group 4. PFNP DPG is currently chaired by Norway and co-chaired by the EU and supported by the PFNP DPG secretariat and housed by the Ministry of Finance/Norway.

The main strategic document outlining PFNP reforms is the Public Finance Management Reform Program, PFMRP. Its sixth phase was launched in 2022/23 and a basket is set up to support the implementation of the reforms. The program is result-driven based on a solid M and E framework (PFMRP V Strategic document). For all development partners interested in PFNP reforms please contact the PFNP DPG secretariat. 

The PFNP DPG interfaces with the Government on various levels. There is a PFMRP secretariat within the Ministry of Finance. The PFMRP Joint Steering Committee (JSC), is called by the Government of Tanzania, chaired by the Permanent Secretary Treasury/ Deputy Permanent Secretary for PFM reforms and co-chaired by the Chair of the PFNPDPG.

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