Ministry To Buy 450 Boats With IMF Extended Facility Credits

The Livestock and Fisheries ministry intends to develop the empowerment of fishermen by purchasing 450 boats and fishing tools, using funds from the IMF extended credit facility (ECF). Abdallah Ulega, the minister, unveiled this plan when tabling budget estimates of 460.33bn/-. In the National Assembly yesterday, noting that the ministry is to roll off the five-year Tanzania Climate-Smart Dairy Transformation Project (T-CSDTP). It targets 600,000 people in the dairy value chain, he said, affirming that the major goal of the project is to transform the dairy value chain to improve livelihoods, increase food safety and mitigate the dairy sector’s impact on climate pressures. The project involves procuring 17,200 modern dairy cattle, building 5,000 improved cattle sheds and rainwater harvesting innovations in 22,400 households, he stated, elaborating that it also involves installing 2,800 biogas plants and set up 950 milk collection centres. The facility is expected to boost revenues, employment and the blue economy, also supporting 300 women and youth groups in seaweed production, sea cucumber and crabs farming, he stated. The ministry will also expand the Building a Better Tomorrow-Youth Initiative for Agribusiness (BBT-YIA) to cover various regions, with eight new centres and beefing up 16 centres already set up in various regions.

Source: IPP Media

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