Minister, UNDP Discuss Investment in Dynamic Sectors

Finance Minister, Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba has called upon UNDP and other development partners to support government initiatives through investment in productive sectors that generate income for citizens. Dr. Nchemba issued the plea in Dodoma yesterday when he met and held talks with UNDP Country Representative Shigeki Komatsubara on sustaining economic partnership between the two parties. He called upon UNDP to extend the message to other development partners at a time when the government has set its focus on strengthening productive sectors. According to him, the government will closely collaborate with UNDP in promoting investments that target creating employment opportunities for Tanzanians especially the youth, collaboration through the newly designed National Development Vision 2050 and inclusive economy policy that targets leaving no one behind. He asserted that the government hopes that UNSDCF will strengthen cooperation between the two parties in terms of promoting people’s development. Komatsuvara said that investments will enable Tanzania to step ahead as UNDP welcomes the government to collaborate with it in realizing its human and national development agenda.

Source: IPP Media

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